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Kieran & Sherri Murry

Kieran & Sherri Murry

Kieranslist.com was created by local residents Kieran & Sherri Murry. They are constantly working to bring value to our entire community through their involvement.  Currently you’ll see Kieran & Sherri active in:

  • Graham Business Association  – Kieran is very active in the Graham Business community
  • Puyallup Sumner Chamber of Commerce – Sherri is very active in the Puyallup Sumner Chamber
  • Fit For A Cause – Kieran & Sherri co-founded this incredible program – Contestants lose weight in a Biggest Loser type contest while raising money for charities.

Kieranslist.com was launched in August 2007 as a resource for business owners to advertise on the internet and for consumers to be able to browse for valuable coupons at our partner businesses.  It’s simple…just register for free and look for a coupon to your favorite business.  Don’t see them?  Refer them!

“When we started advertising with Kieranslist.com we didn’t know quite what we were getting ourselves into!  Over a year later advertising with them, we’ve been able to be involved in so much more!  We’ve been involved with local fundraisers, Fit for a Cause I and II, coffee clubs, events & meetings held at our store and not to mention meeting two of the most incredible people we know.  Kieran and Sherri make you feel like you are their only customer – that’s how important they make you feel.  They truly believe in their company and it shows.  Customers get really excited to hand us their Kieranslist.com coupons and we feel great knowing that they are a part of such a fun and rewarding experience with Kieranslist.com.  You truly would be missing out on a lot of great opportunities if you don’t advertise your business with Kieranslist.com!

Kyla Heyer – Owner Forza Coffee (168th and Meridian) + (Pacific and Garfield next to Farelli’s Pizza) – Forza Coupons Here


“We signed up with Kieran’s list exactly one year ago.  Since then I have met the most amazing people!!  Apex Brake & Muffler has gotten a tremendous amount of traffic from Kieran’s List.com.  However, our traffic has come from the networking side of Kieran’s List or what like to call word of mouth!  We have met a lot of the business owners that advertise on KL.com, They are now loyal customers  & friends of Apex Brake & Muffler.  I would recommend Kieran’s List to anyone looking to increase their business!”


Lori Samples – Owner, Apex Brake & Muffler Apex Coupons Here



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