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Twenty-four days until the 2013 Zumba Instructor Conference in LA.  I’m so excited that I am worried I will forget to pack everything I need to have a blast in Los Angeles. To help make it easier on myself (and you) I made a comprehensive packing list. I call it the ULTIMATE Packing List for Zumba® Conference or Convention. You can use this for the LA Conference or the Instructor CONVENTION in Orlando, FL (August 2013).   I also found some helpful tip in this Packing Like a Pro Video.  Let me know what you think.   I also included food items to help save money.  Some things may not work for your situation so edit as needed. Did I forget anything? 
(click here to print the PDF) Packing list for ZC Final

Ultimate Packing list for Zumba® Conference/Convention by ChaCha zumbagrl.wordpress.com


Photo ID
– driver’s license, passport

Travel documents or E-ticket code

Cash (small bills are needed for tipping, luggage carts at airport)

Credit or debit cards

Conference Registration info

ZIN(R) membership card

Copies of itinerary and hotel reservation information

Tickets for events

Medical insurance card

Emergency phone numbers

Notepad & pen

Sharpie marker & Z-life Magazine or something for getting autographs from your favorite ZESs/ ZJs and Beto

Business cards


Eye Glasses & Case



Wallet or small carry pouch/wristlet -find something with a zippered mini-pouch for business cards and the hotel room key & a little money that you can wear on your body

Purse for evenings


Prescription Medication





Soap or shower gel


Shaving cream

Body lotion



Combs, Brushes

Ponytail holders, headbands, hair pins

Hair Care Products

Hair dryer/flat iron/curling iron

Small first aid kit
band-aid + antibacterial cream + pain reliever/aspirin + antacid


Allergy medicine

Lip balm

wet wipes (to freshen up between sessions)

Face wash & Face cream/moisturizer

Makeup bag

Contact Lenses

lens case and eye solution

Feminine Hygiene (Pantyliners, etc)

Earplugs ( you may have talkative roommates or a noisy plane ride)



Cell phone

Cell Charger


Digital camera

memory card for camera

iPod & headphones

Extra camera batteries

digital camera charger

iPhone & iPod charger


Protein bars like Luna and Cliff Bars 

Trail Mix/nuts

Snack bars

Re-fill able Water bottle

Ice Chest

Breath mints or gum- have fresh breath and sharing them helps make friends

Your favorite tea bags or instant coffee (Starbucks Via travels well just in-case you don’t have time to stop for coffee.

Your favorite Sweetener-all natural Stevia for me!


Zip-Lock Bags -bring at least 4 (quart sized for travel sizes personal products in your carry -on)

Trash Bag (1) (to take dirty clothes home)

Safety pins

Tote Bag (for shopping)

Extra travel or duffel bag -You’ve got to have a way to take that z-wear home.  Paying $25 to check a bag is often less expensive (and less of a headache) than shipping your stuff home-mailed boxes can get LOST just as easy as luggage.

 Power strip/extension cord- Useful in sessions and also in shared hotel rooms so roommates don’t have to squabble over outlets.

 Pillow/travel pillow/blanket

 Book or magazine



Zumba wear outfits -you don’t have to pack all of your zumbawear if you plan on buying some a the store during the conference

Cargos/exercise pants/shorts




+wrap or coverup


-sport bras

Socks (bring extras)

Theme Party Costume (for LA Conference 2013 theme is “Classic Hollywood”)

Long Sleeved Shirt

Personal selection of clothes

Tee-shirt or tops




Water Shoes (For Aqua Zumba)

Sneakers/zkicks/tennis shoes

Sandals/flip flops

Heels or boots for evenings out

Hats/cap/ headbands

Accessories and jewelry

Zumba bracelets

bellydance hip scarf

theme party accessories


Luggage/carry-on bag/backpack

Luggage name tags/ID tags-add something unique to your bag to help identify it

Luggage locks/ padlock for a locker


Find a sub for your classes

Make arrangements for drop-off and pick-up to & from airport

Make travel arrangements from airport to Conference/Convention hotel

Make photocopies of travel docs and itineraries

Prepare all clothes
– dry clean, wash, press

Upload music to MP3 player

Charge all gadget batteries the night before your leave

Make sure all luggage and carry on luggage has ID tags

If you will be taking carry-on luggage make sure your bag meets the airline’s size and weight requirement

for carry -on luggage place liquids in quart sized ziplock bags

Don’t forget to:have the time of your life, make friends, learn and become a better instructor. Best Wishes, Cha Cha

Conf Logo



ZUMBA(R) Fitness

So excited. Zumba Fitness Office has come out with a mobile version of zumba.com you can view on your phone. If you are are looking for a class in your local area, use your phone! You can also shop. Instructors can even log in, update profiles, go to the Forum and SHOP. Check it out! It works great from my iPhone. See you in class!

Come out and support the Lakes High School
Dance Team, Cheer Squad and Boys Basketball team
Everyone Welcome!
Students, Parents, staff, alumni, community members!
Friday June 3rd
6-8 PM
Cost: $5.00
Location: Lakes High School Main Gym-10320 Farwest Dr SW,
Lakewood, WA 98498

Show your school Spirit and wear the Team Colors-Royal blue and burnt orange
Help us put together the largest High School ZUMBA event in Lakewood History!
Sponsored by
Zumba Fitness with Sherina
Studio 138
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Only 8 more Oprah Show episodes left.
One of my favorite Oprah quotes is
“power is strength over time” ~Oprah

Here’s how to make your fitness clothing fun and funky for when you are groovin’ in your ZUMBA Fitness Class. This will allow you to
wear clothing that your feel comfortable in but also energize yourself and your workout by making your clothing funky!

Only 10 more Oprah episodes…here’s a good Oprah quote “Your soul comes here to be & do what your soul is came to do and you have to honor that and if you don’t then it’s like little deaths everyday”.


Tuesday, April 19 · 7:30pm – 8:30pm

Studio 138
120 138th St S, Ste A
Tacoma, WA
Are you a fan of the movie Slumdog Millionair? Do you love the bright colors and glitz of Bollywood?

Join us for a Bollywood Bhangra Party featuring ZUMBA fitness with a Bollywood Flair. Your host Sherina will take you around the world on a journey that will make you feel like a Bollywood star! Wear bright colors, hip scarves, and coin skirts. Jewelry is key in Bollywood so pile on the necklaces, bangles, bracelets, and earrings – you can’t go overboard! Let your hair down like a glamorous movie star.

First Class is ALWAYS FREE at Studio 138! Otherwise $8 drop-in or $5 with a class pass.

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