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About ChaCha

Sherina coordinated the first ZUMBA® Fitness Fundraising events held in Pierce and King Counties.  She specializes in planning fundraisers  and ZUMBA ® Fitness parties and events for Faith Based Groups.  Contact her today to book your next event or fitness demo today.
ChaCha (Sherina) is an example of how fun, easy and life changing Zumba® Fitness can be. She started participating in Zumba Fitness classes twice a week at her local gym and within 4 months lost 20 pounds! She states she LOVES to eat so she did not change her eating habits but was pleased to still have dropped 4 sizes with the help of Zumba. Since starting ZUMBA Fitness 6 years ago she has lost  over 80  pounds and kept it off.

ChaCha reports the most exciting benefit of Zumba Fitness was that she felt she was working off of the stress of her job. She had more energy and a better outlook on life. She became a certified Zumba® Fitness instructor in August 2007 so she could bring the joy of Zumba® Fitness to others.

Sherina “ChaCha”

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