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Tanya Beardsley Announcement 2012***

Posted on: September 23, 2012

Posted by Tanya B herself on the ZIN(R)

Forum 9/11/12…
“Hi Guys
I would like to reach out to students, fans and friends around the world to communicate that for reasons none other than making a choice to change my life, I have decided to end my journey as a presenter, co-host, and ZES for ZUMBA FITNESS LLC. (I will remain a ZIN member)
I have had so many amazing and humbling experiences & am so proud of all the life changing things happening through all of you and Zumba Fitness. Many of you have blessed me with tremendous love and support throughout the years, and it has been my great pleasure to connect with you in this realm. I offer my most humble gratitude. All the moments and memories we’ve made are dear to me and I will remember them as I move forward in life.
See you in the future, but for now I leave you with this:
Remember that to truly touch the minds and hearts of others, you must open your own.
Nothing but good things and blessings for each of you and for my forever family at the Zumba Home Office.
Tanya B.”

Here’s my personal note to Tanya B
Dear Tanya,
Thank you for all of the countless hours of love, hard work, dance, passion and SWAG you brought to this movement. ZUMBA(R) Fitness could not have been what it is and will continue to be. I did not have to pleasure of meeting you but please know that you help change my life and the lives of millions forever. Best Wishes and Peace be with you.

***IMPORTANT-I am NOT Tanya B.!!! You are welcome to leave comments about how Tanya influenced you but remember your comments WON’T be sent to Tanya.


4 Responses to "Tanya Beardsley Announcement 2012***"

You are truly inspiring. Thank you for your parting comment; I will share that with my Zumba ladies here on salt Spring Island BC. I wish you well on your next journey.

I was wondering what happened to you. Will be nice to hear about your new ventures!

Your original Zumba YouTube video with the Shakira song played a huge part in starting my love of Zumba, and from there to becoming an instructor. You definitely had a big part in changing my life for the better. I wish you all the best, and I will always be grateful for your contribution.

You are sooo inspiring ! My friend & I were fortunate enough to take part in Zin 34 Camden Town U.K.with you & meet you……last August 2012 we attended the Zumba Convention & were really looking forward to seeing you again & we could not believe you were not there & thought it really strange ?? I am happy to know you are well & moving on with your life to bigger & better things but any of my Zumba materials & anything else in the Zumba programme will never be the same without you ! You are truly missed xDeexSugaryx

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