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The Best News Ever!! 2013 Zumba(R) Fitness Convention

Posted on: March 28, 2012

ImageSo excited the ZO has announced there will be a Zumba(R) Fitness Convention on the WEST COAST (Los Angeles) in February 2013. This is the best news have heard from ZO!! I’m so excited. Thanks ZO!!

Stay tuned for more details….

“And finally, an announcement about FUTURE events:  Due to the limited size of the Orlando Convention and the overwhelming demand for events of this magnitude, we are happy to announce the first ever WEST COAST CONFERENCE to be held in Los Angeles, CA in February, 2013 that will bring all of the magic and energy of the Convention to the West Coast!  We’re also pleased to announce that the next EUROPEAN CONFERENCE is set for Spring 2013. Details on date and location will be forthcoming. We’ll be sure to announce it as soon as we have finalized all the details!


Here’s the latest update from the Home Office (August 2012)
“Register Soon for the Zumba® Instructor Conference in Los Angeles! — We haven’t even unpacked from the unforgettable Zumba® Instructor Convention in Orlando, and already it’s time to gear up for the first Zumba Instructor Conference in the U.S.! The event takes place Feb. 15-17, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. Get ready for three action-packed days of learning, grooving and bonding. Registration will open in early October, so don’t miss your chance to network with other ZIN™ Members, learn the hottest new choreo and have a total blast with us on the Pacific Coast. Be sure to make your travel arrangements early: The conference is right in the middle of Hollywood awards season and celebrities will be flocking to the city! Luckily, Zumba Fitness has you covered; we’ve reserved blocks of rooms at multiple hotels within walking distance of the Zumba Instructor Conference – at truly affordable prices! Stay tuned for more details.”
I will be posting updates on this blog so check back…


18 Responses to "The Best News Ever!! 2013 Zumba(R) Fitness Convention"

What day in February 2013 is the Zumba Convention? Is this different from the summer convention?

Specific dates for the West Coast conference in Las Angeles have not been released yet. They have only said February 2013. Watch the website or Forum for updates.

Hi: I received this via email from the Home Office

“We apologize as no information is available for the West Coast conference in Los Angeles other than the dates are 2/15-2/17. Keep an eye in the Newsletter as more details will be made later this year.”

Same question as above!!! Can I still plan for Florida August 2013???

Zumba(R) Fitness will continue to have an annual convention in Florida in 2013 but will add a conference on the West Coast in 2013. Just continue to check the ZIN(R) Forum and Zumba(R) website.

Is the Convention coming to Texas?

I have not heard talk about a convention in Texas. Your best plan is to go to Los Angeles in February 2013.

What is the location for the Orlando, FL conference. I want to book my timeshare.

Will Beto be there?!!!

Word is the YES-Beto and most of the ZESs will be at the LA Conference.

Are the conventions for instructors only?

Yes, conventions are only for instructors.

so theres no orlando confernce this year 2013? i was wondering so that i can make arrangments elswise

Yes, the Orlando, FL conference will be helf August 15-18, 2013

thanks u darling, do u know how much it will cost.?

based on the cost for the last 2 years $399 early registration and $499 late registration.

Can we register for convention and get a Zumba Basic certification at the convention itself? ( as I am not yet ZIN)

You must already be a licensed Zumba(R) Instructor and ZIN member to attend the conference. Check http://www.zumba.com (Become an Instructor) There may be a Zumba(R) Basic Workshop you can do right before the conference.

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