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Get Healthy, Get Fit in 2009 and help a good cause

Posted on: January 9, 2009

Many have made New Year’s resolutions to get healthy and fit in 2009. This is no simple task but some have figured out a way to combine their activism with their workout. Fitness fundraisers have a long history in the form of walk-a-thons, charity marathons and dance-a-thons. Fitness instructors have began to use their talents to bring in money for non-for- profit organizations. Group exercise classes such as yoga and the latest fitness craze Zumba Fitness have also taken to this trend. This allows group exercise enthusiasts participate in a special exercise class that is generally longer in length than their usual class. Participants also pay an entry fee or donation that goes to the charity or cause. Participants may also get monetary pledges towards their participation in the fitness fundraiser. The result is a unique opportunity that allows participants to burn calories while helping a good cause. One of the latest fitness crazes is Zumba Fitness (www.zumba.com)

Zumba fuses hypnotic musical rhythms and tantalizing moves to
create a dynamic workout system designed to be FUN and EASY TO DO!
The Zumba Fitness goal is simple: “We want people to want to work out, to love working out, to get hooked “. By integrating Zumba into everyday life individuals may achieve long term benefits while experiencing an absolute blast in one exhilarating hour of caloric burning, heart racing, muscle pumping, body energizing movements meant to engage and captivate for life!
Zumba Fitness is based in Latin dance and includes salsa, merengue, reggae ton, cumbia, belly dance, chacha and hip hop dancing.

So are you looking for a good workout but still want to get in some activism? Keep checking this blog for updated posts on Zumba Fitness Fundraisers in Pierce and King Counties.
My World Dance & Fitness Studio will be hosting a ZUMBA Fitness Fundraiser to benefit Communities Against Rape & Abuse (C.A.R.A) on 1/17/09 in Seattle. Zumba Instructor “Cha Cha” James states this 2 hour Zumba Fitness Challenge is guaranteed to be a BLAST! James challenges folks to follow the Zumba Fitness slogan-“Ditch the workout- join the party!”
All will benefit-you have fun & burn over 500 calories per hour. Entry fees will be donated to Communities Against Rape & Abuse. Think you can make it all 2 hours? Gather some pledges and donations from friends and family. The top fundraiser over $100 gets a GRAND Prize. We challenge you to help end abuse in our communities. This is an event you won’t want to miss!! Zumba Fitness is for everyone-all ages and genders welcome.

To get more information email zumbaworks@yahoo.com or call 253-678-8487

Saturday January 17th
1:00- 3:00pm
My World Dance and Fitness Studio
849 Hiawatha Place South
Seattle, WA 98144

$15 per person at the door
OR BRING A FRIEND & you can both get in for
$25 at the door (save $5)
All entry fees are going to support C.A.R.A (Communities Against Rape & Abuse).


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