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BizPort Tech Tip – What Is A Post?

Posted on: November 6, 2008

What is a Post?

A Post is an announcement, feature story about your products and services, or an advertisement. You can add pictures, videos, or music to your posts to make them interesting and fun to read. A Post might feature a “Customer of the Week” or a new product or service. It can also be research about your product or interesting facts that will make the customer inquire further about what you do.

Things to consider when writing a post.

1. Write Short Paragraphs
2. Keep Posts short
3. Use Heading and Sub-Headings
4. Use Bold, Italic and Underlined Text for Emphasis
5. Use Bullet & Number Lists
6. Use Hyperlinks within your text

Write Short Paragraphs
Long drawn out paragraphs will have web readers clicking the back button faster than you can say…well… “click”. Keep your writing short and concise and omit needles fluff. They don’t want to read it anyways.

Keep Pages Short
People prefer not to have to scroll down long pages. But they are used to scrolling so they will do so if need be. If your pages are long be sure to place the juiciest stuff at the top in order to grab a reader’s attention.
That said, people will scroll down if your content interests them. They are used to using the side scroll bar or a scroll wheel on their mouse. If your web designer tried to be different and create pages that require horizontal scrolling then slap him/her up side of the head! It’s rare but we have seen it. Your visitors simply won’t scroll to the side.

Use Heading and Sub-Headings
Headings are a great way to break up text and make it easier to read and, particularly on the internet, make it easy to scan.
Headings can also emphasize the keywords of the page (in Google’s eyes). It is wise to use keywords or semantic variations of your keywords and key phrases within your headings.

Use Bold, Italic and Underlined Text
Highlighting key points using bold text, italics or underlining creates emphasis. It will make text stand out grabbing the attention of eye balls scanning the page. But use it sparingly else the page becomes a mash of cluttered text styles where it no one thing stands out and actually makes the text harder to read. It is believed that Google may also recognize the tags used to produce bold, italic and underlined text and give a little more weight to keywords that may occur there. Where possible, try to use a keyword or two in lines you choose to emphasize.

Use Bullet or Number Lists
Bulleted lists are a great way to display compact yet informative text.
Why use Bullets?

  • They attract the eye when scanning
  • They are easy to read
  • They outline key points concisely
  • People like to read summaries
  • They are easy to write

So, where you can, present your information in list form.

Use Hyperlinks Within your Text
Whenever you mention something in your content for which you have another page that expands on that topic then you should link to it. Hyperlinked text stands out attracting the eyes of scanners (they are just looking for links to click on anyways). It also allows users to delve deeper into your website. For example you could visit Kieranslist.com just simply by clicking the live link.

Link out to pages of other websites where you feel that content would be of interest to your sites visitors. This can improve your credibility as a reliable source for good information. But be careful not to link to anything that could tarnish your credibility.

Also if you have another website for your company make sure you have links to that site so the reader can get more information.

Add Pictures and Logo’s
Easy to do and makes your post look much better! Your pictures can even be live links wherever you want them to go. Click these 2 happy guys below to see how it works.

Kieran & Ivan Campbell



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